Mens Shirts and Costume Jewellery; Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her at JANEO

For Her; Brooch Pin Floral Jewellery, Imitation Pearls & Swarovski Crystal Elements

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Swarovski Crystals covered petals with twin pear drop pearls mounted on the code bud. A Floral brooch is available in options, Amethyst, Silver, and Gold. A brooch that is either gold or rhodium plated depending on the colour you choose. This pretty brooch is also available in a ribbon-tied gift box, to make the gift extra special for her.

Brooch Pin Floral Jewellery,Imitation Pearls & Swarovski Crystal Elements; a fabulous price of Under £10, Gift Wrapped and Free Shipping!

Gift for him; The Elzibath Bold Striped Vintage Pink Shirt

Vintage pink is a bold colour for a man who is not afraid to stand out. A Pink shirt on a man is a great sign of confidence and not being afraid to stand out. The Elizabeth Striped top how a buttoned-down collar and is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. With a 40% Cotton/ 60% Polyester, this shirt is built to be comfortable while also being built to last. A single-cuff shirt with a slightly tapered fit is available in collar Sizes S-3XL. The Elizabeth Stripe range is also available with its reverse stripe counterpart as a combo deal.

To view our Vintage Pink Elizabeth combo, [Click Here]

Everything in the Janeo Brand is great Value, but no compromises on Quality

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