Mens Shirts and Costume Jewellery; Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her at JANEO

For Her; Beaded Necklace in Agate Style Stones & Bead Swarovski Crystal elements

Janeojewels is only offered on our ETSY storefront; simply search Janeojewels on Etsy or copy the URL Below

A Beaded necklace available in two colours Amethyst with Topaz and Amethyst with Pink. A Necklace with a 14K gold fastening, this timeless gift is perfect for her.

Beaded Necklace in Agate Style Stones & Bead Swarovski Crystal elements;a fabulous price of Under £10, Gift Wrapped, and Free Shipping!

For him; Jordy Sky blue English Oxford Shirt

Sky blue is a refreshing colour and a great hue for an English Oxford Long Sleeved Shirt. A Versatile Shirt that can be worn as Office Shirt or as a Weekender Shirt with Jeans to match. A buttoned-down collar shirt with fine detailing and elegant shirt construction. This Shirt boasts quality and is great value for money, with branded buttons and the iconic Lion front pocket embroidery. The Oxford range is available in 12 colours view the  images below to see the full range

Everything in the Janeo Brand is great Value, but no compromises on Quality

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