Mens Shirts and Costume Jewellery; Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her at JANEO

For Her: Teddy Cubic Zirconia Crystal Pendant Necklace

Janeojewels is only offered on our ETSY storefront; simply search Janeojewels on Etsy or copy the URL Below

A Cute teddy Pendant Necklace available in 5 Colours. A high-quality Pendant Necklace with an adorable Bear Shaped Cubic Zirconia Crystal. A necklace with a sleek black cord tie at a great price.

Teddy Cubic Zirconia Crystal Pendant Necklace: a fabulous price of Under £5, Gift Wrapped and Free Shipping!

For Him; The White London Plain Long Sleeved Dress Shirt

Janeo British Apparel Best Selling Shirt. A classic formal wear shirt is available as both a single and double-cuff shirt. A popular Shirt for our business clients every man should have a Smart white Shirt in their wardrobe. This is a great value shirt that doesn’t skip out on details, with exact shirt construction, collar boning, and traditional English tailoring. With a 42% Cotton/ 58% Polyester composition this shirt is comfortable and durable.

Everything in the Janeo Brand is great Value, but no compromises on Quality

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