Janeo British Apparel Grey London Plain Lon Sleeved Shirt reviewed by Amazon Customer K.D

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Thank you, K.D for the excellent review, we love the detail you go into in this review. As K.D our shirts are great value for money. A generous cut regular fit shirt is exceptionally comfortable and as K.D mentioned this shirt can be easily tucked into trousers without inhibiting any movement or jeopardizing comfort. At Janeo British Apparel we deliver high-quality shirts that are compared with some of the top-selling brands. If you’ve purchased any more shirts don’t hesitate to write a follow-up review on our website.

Grey is a smart and formal hue that represents neutrality and balance. Available as a single-cuff or double-cuff shirt, with free cufflinks. An easy iron shirt with a 42% Cotton, and 58% Polyester composition, giving it the perfect blend of strength and comfort. As K.D mentioned our London Plain Shirt has formal collar bone insertions meaning it will look smarter for longer. At Janeo British Apparel we do not skip out on details, with branded buttons, traditional English tailoring, and exact shirt construction. Why not go for the sixer purchase any 5 shirts and get 1 shirt for free or purchase any 3 shirts and get a 10% discount.

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