Janeo British Apparel Burgundy London Plain Shirt reviewed by Amazon Patron Dr. Dark

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Thank Dr. Dark for the kind words and the excellent image to match! As Dr. Dark stated we deliver our shirts quickly, and we always try and get a shirt to our customer’s door as soon as we can. Thank you for mentioning our tight shirt seems, our shirts are intricately made, and we don’t skip out on details when it comes to our shirt’s construction. The substantial cloth Dr. Dark has written about is our 42% Cotton, 58% Polyester fabric made to be both comfortable and hardwearing. If you’ve purchased any more of our Shirts, we’d love a follow-up review on our website.

The Shirt bought by this Amazon patron is our London Plain Burgundy Formal Dress Shirt. Available as either a single or double-cuff shirt (with free cufflinks). A regular generous-fit shirt is available in collar sizes 14.5” to 22”. Burgundy is an excellent hue for a formal dress shirt as it represents ambition and works will with shades of grey such as charcoal and light grey. Why not go for a sixer purchase any 5 shirts and get 1 shirt for free or purchase any 3 shirts and get a 10% discount.

We’d like to thank all our patrons for leaving reviews on Amazon, Etsy, eBay and our website. We’d love to see reviews with photos of our patrons wearing our shirts!

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