Janeo British Apparel Mellow Lemon English Oxford Men’s Long-Sleeved Shirt

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Lemon is a colour that is often associated with wit and friendship making it an ideal hue for a casual shirt that will be worn while making new friends on a night out. The English Oxford Shirt is suitable as a casual weekender shirt or as a Friday office shirt. This buttoned-down Shirt is made with real 65% Cotton, and 35% Polyester oxford weave fabric meaning it’s soft and durable. The English Oxford is a high-quality shirt full of minute details such as traditional English tailoring, exact shirt construction, branded buttons, and the iconic lion embroidery on the front pocket.

Janeo British Apparel English Oxford Shirt has a slightly tapered fit and is available in collar sizes S to 3 XL, view our handy size chart for more information.

The English Oxford Shirt is also available as a plain/ Striped Combo, to view our Oxford Twin Pack Combo [Click Here]

If you’d like to view our full range of English Oxford Shirts [Click Here]

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