Janeo British Apparel Pink Self-Striped Canterbury Business Formal Long-Sleeved Shirt

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Pink is playful and innocent often associated with childhood and nostalgia. Pink on a Men’s shirt can show others that you are confident and not afraid to stand out from the white and black hues of the office and formal occasions. The Canterbury self-striped shirt has a 42% Cotton/ 58% Polyester composition giving it both strength and durability. A more generous cut regular fit shirt available in collar sizes 14.5” to 22”, there’s a size to fit every man. At Janeo British Apparel we dot the I’s and cross the t’s, with traditional English tailoring, exact shirt construction, formal collar with collar bone inserting, and branded buttons. Our Canterbury range is available as a single or double-cuff shirt (with free cufflinks). Why not go for the sixer, purchase any 5 shirts and get 1 shirt for free or purchase any 3 shirts and get a 10% discount.

Pink of one of four hues available in our Canterbury self-striped collection, to view our full range [Click Here]

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