Janeo British Apparel Men’s Warming Red Elizabeth White Stripe Long Sleeved Shirt

To purchase our Warming Red Elizabeth White Stripe Shirt [Click Here]

Red is a colour that symbolizes courage and love. This Elizabeth reverse striped shirt is incredibly versatile, able to be worn as office attire or as a casual weekender shirt. A shirt that boasts great comfort and durability, with a 40% Cotton, 60% Polyester composition with a soft satin finish making it have a slight glaze. This shirt is full of minute details that make it stand out from the rest, with branded buttons, exact shirt construction, and traditional English tailoring. This shirt has a slightly tapered fit and is available in collar sizes S-3XL, view our size chart for more information.

This buttoned down collar shirt is also available as a 2 shirt combo pack with its bold striped counterpart, to view our Elizabeth reverse stripe twin combo pack [Click Here]

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