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Janeo British Apparel Jordy Sky Blue Mens Oxford Short Sleeved Shirt

A shirt is suitable for holidays and leisure activities in a Jordy Sky Blue hue. Sky Blue is a colour that represents imagination, freedom, and open space, making this an excellent hue for those vibrant holidays when you feel the freest!

Janeo British Apparel Men’s Kensington Buttoned Down Oxford Paris Mint Striped Long Sleeved Mens Shirt

Janeo British Apparel Long Sleeved Paris Mint. An English Oxford Style Shirt which can be worn as either a Weekender Shirt or as a Friday Office Shirt

Janeo British Apparel Windsor Fine Stipe Formal Long Sleeved Mens Shirt

To purchase our Lavender Windsor Shirt [Click Here] We’d like to thank all of our patrons for providing us with excellent reviews on a daily basis, if you’ve purchased any of our shirts don’t hesitate to leave a review on our website, you could be featured in our next blog post!