Janeo British Apparel Brownstone Bobby Kew Plaid Tartan Long-Sleeved Shirt

Brown is a colour that represents warmth, security, and earthiness. Brown is a colour that matches shades of black cream and white, an excellent hue for apparel. This is a long-sleeved shirt with a 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton composition meaning its both soft and durable.

Janeo British Apparel Lumberjack Flannel Style Long Sleeved Shirt in Chilli Pepper Red

Janeo British Apparel Red Kew Plaid Men’s Shirt. A Shirt suitable for Fridays at the office and Weekends. Worn buttoned up for a more sophisticated look or buttoned down with a t-shirt for a burly logger look.

Janeo British Apparel Grey London Plain Formal Dress Shirt

Grey is a neutral colour that matches well with shades of blues, black, and white making it an excellent hue for a formal Shirt. The London Plain Shirt is available as a single or double cuff shirt (with free cufflinks) as is suitable the office and special occasions

Janeo British Apparel Peach Long Sleeved London Plain Men’s Dress Shirt

Peach is a colour that represents vitality and energy and matches well with shades of burgundy, blue, and beiges as well as black and white. The London Plain Shirt is a formal dress shirt suitable for the office and special occasions. Peach is an excellent hue for the office as it stands out from the usual black and white hues without being overall eye-catching.